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Roofing Company Brackenfell

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If you are in Cape Town and are looking for a new tile, shingle, shake, foam or updated roof repair, you can rely on our professional team. This Roofing Brackenfell Company in Cape Town, Cape Home Reno is also proud to be delivering energy-efficient green roofs to help save you money on going home. Whatever the roofing project we’re producing with top quality authenticity, craftsmanship and performance. We are dedicated to relationships tailored to mutual confidence and appreciation of customers. 


Call us today to find out more about the experts and the character of the roofing services we sell. We built thousands of residential and commercial roofs throughout the whole region of Cape Town.  We know there’s plenty of options for choosing a contractor but we think it’s a tough package to beat our company, product, manufacturing and industry knowledge.  It covers many types of roofing systems including shingle roofs, tile roofs, concrete roofs, flat asphalt roofs, walking decks, plastic coverings and recesses, replacements of timber and fascia, and ventilations.  


We are an agency that has leveraged its long-term expertise in serving our clients. We have been roofing in Cape Town for several years, and constructing thousands of residential and commercial roofs. We know there are plenty of options for choosing a contractor but we believe it is a tough package to beat our competition, capital, manufacturing and industry experience. While we can install any shingles brand, we are gravitating to those manufacturers as their quality has remained unrivaled over the years. 

Roofing Company Brackenfell

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Such manufacturers produce dense, durable shingles, have excellent wind rating and algae protection, and, most significantly, have low, overtime loss of granulate. Let one of our general contractors show you the variations in shingle branding and the importance of choosing the right shingle for your home style. In addition, we will also guide you to the type of asphalt shingle you need, via the selection process. 

The Roofing Brackenfell Company here at Cape Home reno is proud to have a squad of extremely talented installers in-house. Our roofing crew of more than 50 can install multiple roofs every day and finish most homes in less than a day. Each roofer has been exposed to our rigorous training program and at every job must follow our instructions. All is done with the utmost accuracy, from nailing the right number of nails pershing leto pre-chalking the ridge to making sure it is straight assembled. When the roof is done our workers will vigorously clean your yard with an advanced magnetic roller and catch all the garbage. We deliver the best roofing services from start to finish and we are the experts you can trust.

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