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Paving Company Kuils River

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Our Company has been in the business for many years. It’s not error and it’s not misfortune. The paving company Kuils River, Cape Home Reno also provides our clients with exceptional customer service. We bear decades of experience and a reputation for honesty and professional workmanship in all paving and asphalt projects in the suburbs. To plan the next step, Cape Home Reno will look to. No matter how big or small that may be. Whether it’s a walkway or golf cart trail, or a whole street or parking lot in the city, we’re getting ready to get our skilled workmanship into every task. Although our company continues to grow and expand we offer more services and are now offering demolition services as an extra service. With many years of experience, our service technicians are ready to work with you to find a solution that will fix your lot and suit your budget.


Parking lot repairs are a thorough and cost-effective maintenance of isolated or limited, failed pavement areas. The work involves digging around the badly crumbling and falling areas, scrapping the old asphalt and repaving with new, hot asphalt. That hinges on our credibility. Let us understand your needs. As Kuils River’s skilled contractors, we have the staff, equipment, and strategy to solve your paving problem. You will get in contact with one of our experts by calling or by e-mail.

Paving Company Kuils River

Cape Home Reno – the paving specialist

Sweeping eliminates dirt, sand and grit from the concrete surface providing a clean look and improved exposure to the pavement markings. Sealing crack involves the application of hot rubberised sealant to cracks to protect the pavement’s integrity. It also prevents hazards from breaking down while preventing surface water from intruding through or through the asphalt causing additional critical damage. It is self-explanatory to repair on the roads but it is generally acceptable outside of this condition when only small areas of the pavement have degraded. In fact, your lot includes some damaged areas but the rest are in good shape. In commercial and industrial activities special paving requirements are present. You need paving for your commercial property that will provide a safe place to drive and park for your clients, as well as creating a beautiful and professional look for your property that will make the right impression.

 To withstand the high pressures of heavy vehicles and equipment as well as the caustic chemicals that can be used in your operations you need paving for your industrial land.

Paving company Kuils River, Cape Home Reno acknowledges the unique needs of both commercial and industrial operations, and we have experience in providing high-quality operational results across Kuils River. We install new paving customized to your property and operations needs, and carry out maintenance that will maintain the value of your investment and add years to your pavement life.

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