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Paving Company Brackenfell

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For your industrial land you need paving to withstand the high pressures of heavy vehicles and equipment, as well as the caustic chemicals that can be used in your operations. The Paving Brackenfell Company in Cape Town, Cape Home Reno recognizes the unique needs of both commercial and industrial operations, and we have experience to offer high-quality operational results across Cape Town. We install new paving that is specific to your property and operations needs, and perform maintenance that preserves the value of your investment and adds years to your pavement life.


Paving avoids the breaking down of hazards while avoiding the intrusion of surface water through or through the asphalt causing further critical damage. Repairing on the roads is self-explanatory but it is generally acceptable outside this condition when only small areas of the pavement have been damaged. Your lot does have some areas that were impacted but the majority are in good shape. Special paving criteria are present in commercial and industrial operations. You need paving for your commercial property that will provide a safe place for your customers to drive and park, as well as providing a beautiful and professional look for your property that will give you the right impression. 

Paving Company Brackenfell

Cape Home Reno-the paving experts you can trust

Cape Home Reno is Cape Town Paving Brackenfell company that provides paving solutions at a fair price. We are committed to delivering long-lasting, quality asphalt and concrete paving projects. We have won the trust of our many clients in the paving, concrete, and asphalt industries for many years now. We supervise every aspect of our projects with a critical eye to only produce the best outcomes for you. We give a one-year warranty for all our work, making sure that our ventures are the best investment for you. We are providing regular asphalt and concrete repairs to commercial buildings.

Our facilities also include heavy duty asphalt repairs and concrete surfaces. We supply crack repairing, pothole repair, skin patching and concrete crack filling. Whatever the problem with your concrete floor or asphalt, we’ll patch it. Our staff are our ambassadors, and have made us proud for many years. Cape Home Reno Company can be said to be a first-class asphalt paving contractor simply by seeing our workers at work with their first-class equipment and hard working experience. You may believe we are willing and capable of investing in the best facilities, staff and vehicles to be able to operate on large and small ventures. That is why every project we are working on is completed within the timeframes specified and within the quality standards of our customers.

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