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Being one of the top commercial, residential and industrial painting companies, in every painting project that is carried out, we have established and described our vision to encourage quality and professionalism. The Painting Company Kuils River, Cape Home Reno, offers a complete turnkey painting service providing technical support, testing, monitoring, and recruiting for full project planning and on-site administration. The departments ensure that we do have the best health and safety standards.

We’re up-to-date with all medicines, as well as the height and fitness training. We make sure that tests are carried out before beginning any project to ensure that the hazards are defined, risks assessed and regulated. Our factory produces the finest quality of interior paint, exterior paint, and quality of roof colour. We stand out from others by our ability to control the production from raw materials to decorated buildings. We believe that the secret to 5-star completion is proper preparation and experience in every painting project and this theory will make our success, your success.

One very important aspect of owning your house is the decoration of your home’s exterior. Maintaining the exterior and interior paint, stops your most valuable investment from fading, and also gives it the “wow factor” when friends and family see your paint job. When hiring the right commercial painting company, it’s critical if your business wants to maintain both a professional work environment for employees and a customer friendly location. We also have experience in repainting commercial properties. Trust us to handle your business as if it were ours. With so many residential painting companies to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down all of your options and find the best business out there.

Painting Company Kuils River

Cape Home Reno – the painting specialist

You heard our residential painting services are affordable and meet the industry’s highest standards. You’ve also heard that customers rave about our professional staff at almost every opportunity they get. We are, after all, one of the top ranking residential painting companies in all of Kuils River and surrounding areas. Painting in the Kuils River Suburbs needs a strong knowledge of South African heat and the adverse impact that the sun has on painted surfaces, and how best to mitigate these dangers. You can trust our ongoing in-house training of our workers and the training provided by Painting and Decorating Contractors of South Africa.

We contain the best knowledge in all your painting services. Did you know that stain preserves and maintains the beauty of the wood, and strengthens the unique tone of wood. Adding water-based or oil-based stain to bare or stripped wood will change the color and highlight patterns of grains. By brushing the living room walls–on which a curious little one wiped peanut butter and jelly residues–to give homes the fresh coat of paint for optimal curb appeal, we are offering our customers the unique residential painting services and advice they need at the exact moments they need most. Call the Painting Company Kuils River, Cape Home Reno today!

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