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Our brilliant cleaning system will get your dirty ceilings back into like-new condition.  Our biodegradable, organic, enzymatic cleaner can rejuvenate your ceilings and walls if dust, cooking grease, nicotine or smoke dirty your ceilings. The floors and walls are exposed to dust and dirt, cigarette smoke, cooking oils and grease, as well as other toxins and germs. Heating and air-conditioning appliances trap dust and dirt in the air as well. These toxic contaminants create a seeming and continuing nightmare. The unsightliness of dirty walls and ceilings, or the odors of bacteria, can easily ruin the photos. Ceilings and walls are maintenance issues as they have been continuously difficult to soil and clean up, so far.

Regular cleaning of walls and ceilings does not always solve the problem. The answer is not to hide issues-especially when a device is available to help keep the walls and ceilings in their original condition. Installation of acoustic ceilings and most industrial suspended ceiling constructions consists of metal channels in the shape of an upside down T. These upside-down T’s are commonly referred to as mains runners or cross runners / cross tees, and are suspended on wires from the overhead structure, creating a space called a plenum between the finished ceiling and the building structure. Such main runners and cross tees are connected to each other in a regularly spaced pattern of cells or modules, often only referred to as a ceiling grid once integrated into the network they build.

Ceilings Company Bellville

Cape Home Reno-Cape Town ceiling experts

The Ceilings Bellville business in Cape Town, Cape Home Reno is very proud to offer the best value on the market today for our faux wood beams and decorative accessories. Today our wide range of high density Polyurethane foam decorative architectural products are being marketed at the lowest market prices. It makes Cape Home Reno, the ceiling Bellville company your one-stop shop for mimicking wood parts like frames, viga and rafter tails, corbels, shutters, mantles etc. Whether you’re a businessman, artist, designer or homeowner, you trust a ceiling company in Cape Town to manage all of your fake wood needs without breaking your budget.

What you can expect from us is workmanship that is of professional quality. Locally owned and operated by a team of experts who are committed to ensuring genuinely guaranteed work while saving money and reducing damage to your home. We also provide drywall repair and paint inside / outside making us your one-stop shop for cleaning and finishing your walls and ceilings. Our employees are well trained and experienced in providing various services to your home such as removing the “popcorn” roof, drywall construction, drywall repair, and all the different types of textures that our employees here in Cape Town have in common. Our customer service knowledge is the greatest asset, and we are motivated to treat our customers with utmost respect and satisfaction.

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