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Carpentry Company Kuils River

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Carpentry company Kuils River, Cape Home Reno provides custom finished carpentry services to general contractors, homeowners, and designers.  We are a full-service millworks and finish carpentry company with a good reputation with both general contractors and selected homeowners as being very detail-oriented and completed on-time work.  We work hard to keep up with our deadlines to ensure smooth running of the work on your projects.  We served at some of the finest luxury homes and surrounding areas in Kuils River. We have fair pricing, quality work and schedule continuity, we take pride in meeting our customers ‘ needs and satisfying them. 


We are experts in door (inner and outer), molding (base, case, crown, and shelves), fireplace mantles, wainscotting, and beams construction. Here we’re committed to being the most experienced builder in South Africa, led by industry’s best skilled construction professionals. Expertise and experience in multiple markets, a wide array of self-performing skills and a unique culture of employee ownership bring exceptional quality to the work and contribute to successful results for our clients, employee owners and communities. We believe talented, committed people are driving our country and economy forward and we want them on our team. Being a one team one family business means managing our success-literally, through our employee-ownership business model.

Carpentry Company Kuils River

Cape Home Reno – the carpentry company specialist

We’ve also built our company around leadership development to incorporate this efficient, collaborative, innovative, risk-mitigating approach to delivery. Our credibility as a design-build leader gives us the advantage of hiring high-performance staff, construction partners, consultants and subcontractors to address an owner’s difficulties and risks in delivering critical projects to the communities in which we work. The Carpentry company Kuils River, Cape Home Reno understands the complex machinery in this area, and how all the components and systems for any given plant or facility work together for a single, functional purpose.

We have developed our reputation by constantly seeking new construction and technologies that provide our clients with reliable, effective, and collaborative services. We have always been an innovator in the manufacture of prefabricated concrete exterior wall construction and have become one of the largest producers of architectural prefabricated concrete. Helping the communities through the many years by constructing record time ammunition plants. We create long-lasting relationships with superintendents of contractors opening communication lines ensuring the completion of a project on time. We regularly engage in evaluation engineering sessions and pre-construction meetings, creating a unified vision from the beginning. Our carpenters are among the best in the industry.

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