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We have deliberately remained a small business, so we could serve our clients better. We rarely hire more than 50 people, and maintain our 15 core guys. The theory is the groundwork for our advancement. Small and simple for best and most professional service. Using the latest technologies combined with time-tested methods, and acquiring every individual perfection and quality. Life happens-which sometimes means you’ll end up with nail holes, rough patches and scuff marks. Having smooth walls is essential so a coat of paint looks its best. The Skimming company Kuils River, Cape Home Reno provides a Level Five joint finish that is perfect for high-impact and well-lit areas.


Our team will help you build a smooth finish to make your walls look their best. We can smooth out your walls by adding texture to it. Skim coating is a tricky way of making walls smooth. This is achieved by applying a thin film of mud paste (joint compound), and then scraping with a putty knife off the excess. It will offer a brand new, smooth finish to your wall. You just need to tell the best skimming company Kuils River, Cape Home Reno about your project a little bit and we will  send a local expert to finish the job!

skimming Company Kuils River

Cape Home Reno – the skimming specialist


Common uses for micro toppings include the application of colour, texture and slip resistance to pool decks and patios, as well as decorative make-up of existing concrete floors. Based on the look desired, micro toppings can be applied easily with trowels, squeegees, brushes or roller. They can be coated in layers as thin as 20 mils (a mere 0.02 inch), or several coats can be applied to produce a broomed or troweled textured finish. Proper surface preparedness and accurate overlay thickening are key to success. Upon application, concrete stains or dyes may topically color a microtopping. Indoors and outdoors, cement-based micro toppings and skim coats can be used to provide a clean canvas for decorative treatments such as stains, dyes and stenciled pattern.

Many systems are presented in a wide range of colors, while others can be individually tinted by adding the amount of liquid coloring agent necessary. Applying layers of various hues can produce interesting color variations. You need even walls and a smooth finish for a paint job to look at its absolute best. This encourages painting, and in the long run, the walls will look better. The use of a skim coat means that the paint works smoothly and looks stunning. Even if it’s just a small area on one wall, this simple fix will make a big difference in aesthetics, while also increasing your home value. Only start by answering a few basic questions and you’ll get a quote and your personal Project Manager for your skim-coating job before you know it.

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