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Our commitment to quality, integrity and continuity never goes unnoticed. While there are a number of companies that can sometimes do a good job, you can count on us to do a good job every time. We constantly strive to be the best from the paperwork to the termination. From consultants to contractors, when they have questions about the right way to detail and build, we’re considered the’ go to’ service. For any of your plastering needs please call us. We specialize in plastering, both residential and commercial. Cape Town and its surrounding areas are offered our plastering services. Whether understated and elegant, cutting-edge and modern, traditional or contemporary, our team provides a hands-on approach, attention to detail, top-quality workmanship and execution standards. Don’t disregard the ceilings inside your home. 

Hire Cape Home Reno skimming Bellville company for precise plastering and ceiling repairs that enliven and make your living space healthier for your family. It’s a talent to create quality plastering. With years of hard work and the trained eyes of older practitioners, we have learnt the trade the right way. Your first option for classic plastering and ceiling repairs is Cape Home Reno. If your home is small or large, our company may expect you to get quality work at a reasonable price. Here we strive to bring your vision to life by producing important, imaginative, and beautiful surface finishes which are truly art works. We specialise in the remodeling of interior and exterior plaster, ornamental plaster, crown molding, veneer plaster and fine finishes made to design.

Skimming Company Bellville

Cape Home Reno-expert skimmers you can trust

We have conscientious artisans who use the best quality of organic, eco-friendly goods to make your home beautified. We consciously stayed a small business, so we could better serve our clients. We rarely recruit more than 50 men, and maintain our 15 core guys. The theory is the groundwork for our advancement. Tiny and easy, for the easiest, most efficient service. Using the latest technologies, coupled with time-tested processes, and achieving the excellence and productivity of every person. Life happens-which sometimes means you’ll end up with nail holes, dusty patches and scuff marks. It is important to have smooth walls, so that a coat of paint looks its best. 

The Cape Town, Cape Home Reno Skimming Bellville business offers a joint Level Five finish that is perfect for high-impact, well-lit areas. Our team will help you achieve a smooth finish, which will make your walls look their best. By adding texture to it we can smooth down your walls. The skim-coating is a dull way to make smooth walls. When adding a thin film of mud paste (joint compound) and then using a putty knife to rub off the excess, this is done. It’ll give you a smooth, brand new finish to your wall. Just tell the best skimming company Cape Town, Cape Home Reno a little bit about your project and we’ll be sending out a local expert to finish the job!

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