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Drywalling Company Bellville

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When investing your hard-earned money in contractors ‘ services, make sure you select the most qualified team to handle the job! If you need professional drywall installed in your home or business, drywalling Bellville Contractors, called Cape Home Reno will do the job faster and more cost-effectively–and with better results–than anyone else! If you’re looking for a top-notch squad of drywallers, look no further.  We’ve made a name for ourselves in the drywalling industry count on, no matter how simple or complicated the job may be. Trust our pros when finishing a small or large drywall project, then sit back and relax in the knowledge that the end result will look exactly like you’d expect it to be!


Drywall represents an important step towards building a home. Most renovation and restoration projects need work at the drywall, too. Yeah, you can’t really stop that. But you can shop around for your money, and find the best value! While those costs may seem steep to some, they must be carefully measured by the drywall team to include manpower and experience, not to mention the tools and materials themselves. And if you note that the design of each room in your home depends on how the drywall is designed, that will really change your perspective on paying for what the job is worth!

Drywalling Company Bellville

Cape Home Reno-the drywalling experts 

We provide installation and finishing of drywall, metal stud construction, batt insulation, and acoustics of ceiling systems. “Pride-provided quality and service” is to us more than just a slogan, it’s a way to do business. Cape Town, a drywalling Bellville Company, Cape Home Reno is committed to making your construction experience an installation of the highest quality at an affordable price, from healthcare to restaurant retail to commercial projects. Our highest priority is customer service from the moment we bid the job until the last punch list. For every function and high quality equipment, including all scissor lifts, booms, lifts, ladders, scaffoldings, harnesses, gloves, glasses and hard hats, we use high quality products to get the job done right. We strongly believe that safety comes first and that we will be going to great lengths to help all our team members maintain regular training sessions.

We have built strong relationships based on our service and artisanal reputation. Our commitment to our work and our customers has won us recognition in our industry and has built up a reputation for which we are extremely proud. We welcome you to establish a relationship with the Cape Home Reno people, workers who are committed to integrity, loyalty and personal service. We are working on the habit of making quality! And Cape Home Reno locally owned and well-founded commercial and high-end residential drywall company, specializing in all types of Metal Stud Framing, Drywall, Finish Manufacturing, Paint & Stain Packages, Specialty Interior finishes, and Acoustic Ceiling systems.

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