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Concrete Company Bellville

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The construction industry is rife with budget overruns, project delays and unexpected surprises. We believe this is wrongfully. It is our mission to spend our company’s time and money wisely and we understand that success goes beyond providing an on-time and budget space. For a Concrete Bellville Company, called Cape Home Reno it means providing our customers with a better project. Cape Home Reno is committed to safety above all. Neither project succeeds unless it is safely built.  We believe that all accidents can be prevented and we can ensure that everyone leaves the workplace in the same condition they arrived by proper planning and training, employee engagement and support and constant vigilance. We cover projects of all sizes and degrees of complexity— from delicate interior improvements to some of the most complex civilian operations in the country; we can build all of that — and we do. 


But what really separates us from our competition is our guys, and not our prestige as a whole. Our dedication to providing world-class service to our customers, our desire to deliver exceptional work, our ability to innovate and solve problems and our unwavering commitment to improving the communities we serve make us not only a great place to work with, but also a business with which our customers want to work. If you need someone to do a feasibility study or want to get an idea of what your project will cost before you spend a lot of time and money, then our knowledge and experience can be invaluable to you.

Concrete Company Bellville

Cape Home Reno-the experts in concrete service

If you are looking for a single entity to be responsible for the design and construction phases of your project and still don’t have an architect or plans, the best place to start is with us. Our plant has been specifically designed and built to streamline steel stairs, railings, and miscellaneous metal fabrication. The plant is able to manufacture the number of stairs and rails by automation, and three generations of modern processes and procedures are virtually limitless. They also provide for multi-story building industry hollowcore, decking slabs, floors, columns, staircases, walling panels and precast materials. The Concrete Bellville company Cape Town, Cape Home Reno has kept pace with new technologies, methods and equipment, in the face of high-standard product demands.

Today we rate the building, structural engineering and construction industries as the leading manufacturer and supplier of superior precast concrete. In South Africa, the product portfolio is recognized as the largest of its kind. Cape Home Reno will gladly accept most of our service requests, and will respond without cost estimates. Whether you are looking for a large project to maximize your profit margin through our design assistance experience or just looking for a solution to your custom production needs, we are here to help. We offer a wide range of product and service solutions to suit your needs with our state-of – the-art facility and our skilled technical staff.

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